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updated 4/14/15

Seedling Tree Program 2015

Once a year, PACD offers seedling trees at a reduced cost.  Stop by our office if you would like assistance with species selection or windbreak design.  Deadline to order trees is April 21, 2015 and trees need to picked up at our office on May 6, 2015. 

Click here for the 2015 order form.

The following species have sold out as of 4/2/15:

03 Gamble Oak,                            202 Colorado Blue Spruce               410 Rocky Mtn. Juniper  

09 Nanking Cherry                       210 Rocky Mtn. Juniper                     406 Eastern Red Cedar

19 Wax Currant                            212 Bristlecone Pine

23 Native Willow Mix                   216  Buffaloberry

                                                       223 Thinleaf Alder

Well Water Testing Day is May 13, 2015

If you live within the Popo Agie Conservation District boundaries, you are eligible to participate in this program.  Options include testing for suitability for your family use, livestock use, and irrigation use.  Option 1 is free and the other options are at a 50% cost share. 

Click here to see options and prices.   

Sample need to be taken the day of the event and brought to our office by noon.  Results are sent directly to you, PACD will not have access to your test results.  

Backyard Bag / Garden Totes

PACD is excited to offer these incredibly useful, reusable bags!  These little beauties are light weight, strong, fold flat for storage and stand up by themselves even when empty.  These bags can be used for yard work, garden produce, recycling, laundry, firewood, toys, etc.  Bags can be purchased at our office. 

 Backyard Bag $15.00                  Garden Tote $20.00

  (rectangle shaped)                       (cylinder shaped)

Click here for more information and specs on the bags.