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July Newsletter

Updated 8/25/17

Click image to go to Slow Goat Farm's website.

Slow Goat Farm - featured in Barnyards & Backyards

Slow Goat Farm started three years ago and was "just for fun".  They have grown their hobby into a sustainable business.  We think this local success story is pretty cool!

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Click image to go to Slow Goat Farm's website.


221 S. 2nd Street

Lander, WY 82520

Phone:  (307) 332-3114

Fax:  (307) 332-3855


Backyard Bag / Garden Totes

PACD is excited to offer these incredibly useful, reusable bags!  These little beauties are light weight, strong, fold flat for storage and stand up by themselves even when empty.  These bags can be used for yard work, garden produce, recycling, laundry, firewood, toys, etc.  Bags can be purchased at our office. 

 Backyard Bag $20.00                  Garden Tote $15.00

       (10 cu ft.)                                         (5 cu. ft.)

Click here for more information and specs on the bags.