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Olin Sims Living Legacy Tree & Shrub Demo Garden

Living Snow Fence

Trees & Shrubs of Lander

Tree Programs: Trees and Shrubs of Lander
One of the main things we do at the Popo Agie Conservation District is make available conservation grade trees for wind brakes and living snow fences. We can help you design a wind break or help you choose what variety of trees and shrubs will work best for your soil type. Our demo garden will allow you to see some of the plants first hand so stop by our office to see some of the choices available.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: General Guidelines
Chapter 2: Conifer Trees
Chapter 3: Conifer Shrubs
Chapter 4: Tree Forms
Chapter 5: Broadleaf Trees
Chapter 6: Broadleaf Shrubs
Chapter 7: Fruit Trees
Chapter 8: Fruit Shrubs
Chapter 9: Tree Placement
Chapter 10: Planting Guidelines
Chapter 11: Lander Urban Forest Council
Chapter 12: Glossary
Chapter 13: References


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