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Popo Agie Watershed: Poster
The Popo Agie Conservation District received funding for the Popo Agie Watershed Poster and the Popo Agie Watershed Project by a Section 319 Clean Water Act Grant administered by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The goal of the Popo Agie Watershed Poster was to create a colorful, artistic educational tool for students, local business, and other residents to enjoy. In addition to wonderful artwork, the Pope Agie Watershed poster contains resource information such as climate, vegetation, geology, water quality, land ownership, land use, hydrology, and much more.

The poster illustration was provided by local Lander artist Scott Greenig, while the graphic design was completed by Julie Darby with Black Dog Design. Stop by the PACD office today to receive your FREE copy of the Popo Agie Watershed Poster!

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