The Popo Agie Conservation District’s programs and projects are funded by a combination of grant monies and 1 mill levy. Because of the “seed money” that our mill levy provides, PACD is able to seek a variety of local, state, and federal grants to offer comprehensive natural resource services to our constituents. The Popo Agie Conservation District first passed the mill levy conservation tax in 1988, and was renewed in 1992, 1996, and 2000. In the 2004 General Elections, the voters passed a petition recall.

PACD Staff
 Kelsey Beck—Manager
 Dave Morneau—Conservation Technician
 Diana Olson—Program Assistant/Education Coordinator
 Mandi Hirsch—Sage Grouse/Rangeland Management Specialist

NRCS Field Office Staff

Chris Bove—District Conservationist

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(a) It is hereby declared that the farm and grazing lands of Wyoming are among the basic assets of the state; that improper land use practices cause and contribute to serious erosion of these lands by wind and water; that among the  consequences which would result from such conditions are the deterioration of soil and its fertility and the silting and sedimentation of stream channels, reservoirs, dams and  ditches; that to conserve the soil, and soil and water resources, and prevent and control soil erosion, it is necessary that land use practices contributing to soil erosion be discouraged and that appropriate soil conserving land use practices be adopted.


(b) It is hereby declared to be the policy of the legislature to provide for the conservation of the soil, and soil and water resources of this state, and for the control and prevention of soil erosion and for flood prevention for the conservation,  development, utilization, and disposal of water, and hereby to stabilize ranching and  farming operations, to preserve natural resources, protect the tax base, control floods, prevent impairment of dams and reservoirs, preserve wildlife, protect public lands, and protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of this state.


Conservation districts are subdivisions of state government, and are supervised by a board of five elected officials. The Board of Supervisors is comprised of three rural, one urban, and one at-large member.  They are elected by the public during a General Election and serve voluntarily without pay for a four-year terms.  They provide local leadership for natural resource conservation. 

The Popo Agie Conservation District (PACD) was formed in 1942 in response to the Dust Bowl Era of the 1930’s. At the time Popo Agie Conservation District was created, a national movement was taking place to provide local leadership to address soil erosion concerns. In addition to soil erosion, the Popo Agie Conservation District now addresses many current natural resource issues including water quality and watershed planning, water quantity, land use planning, agriculture, and conservation education.

Legislative Declarations

The actions and programs endorsed by PACD are dictated by the legislative declarations and policiesof the Wyoming State Legislature.


PACD is charged with the following:

1. Legislative Declarations and Policy(AS REPRINTED FROM: W.S.S. 11-16-103)

 2. The above being the charge and direction of the Wyoming Legislature for all Conservation Districts within the State of  Wyoming. The Popo Agie Conservation District Board of Supervisors, are the elected body and local leader ship for  resource conservation within the jurisdiction of the PACD boundaries.

Current Board Members
 Tim Wilson—Chairman, Rural Member
 Jeri Trebelcock—Vice Chairman, Member At Large
 Bryan Hamilton—Secretary/Treasurer, Rural Member
 Steve Dutcher—Rural Member
 Arlen Lancaster—Urban Member

Mission Statement

To plan for, protect, manage, and utilize the natural resources within the boundaries of the Popo Agie Conservation District through application of sound ecological, financial, and cooperative management principles that will sustain the quality of life and the natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

About PACD