Rural Well Water Testing
As a service to the community, Popo Agie Conservation District sponsors “Well Water Testing” days. Participants collect and drop  off samples to our office and receive the results in the mail.  Several options are available.  Click here for details.  The Bacteria test  is free and the purpose is to identify the presence or absence of E.coli bacteria. A positive test may mean that feces and harmful  germs have found their way into your water system.  Cost share is available on the other options.

Folks interested in participating can pick up a sampling kit at the PACD office at 221 S. 2nd Street two weeks prior to the testing day. Samples should be collected the morning of the test day and brought directly to the Popo Agie Conservation District office  where they will be refrigerated prior to transport to a local laboratory for analysis. All samples must be received at the PACD office prior to 12:00 noon on the testing day to be processed.Water taken from city water supplies will not be accepted for testing. If  you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the PACD office at 332-3114.

The best ways to know when testing days are being offered is to subscribe to our newsletter and check out the Current Events box on our website.  The free testing day is generally in May each year.

Click here for drinking water sampling instructions from Precision Analysis.