1.  An F-32 financial report must be submitted annually to the Department of Audit by  September 30th.

  2.  An annual report of activity or no activity must be submitted to PACD by March 1st.

  3.  A representative from the WID must meet with the PACD Board once a year (minimally); quarterly if  there is an active project.

Watershed Improvement Districts (WIDs) are formed as sub-district of conservation district.  They are governed by W.S. 41-8-101 through 41-8-126.    There are three* requirements to fulfill annually as a special district which are listed below.

Check out these resources below.  We receive periodic updates on legislation that affects WIDs.  We will update this website as they become available.  If you have questions regarding Watershed Improvement Districts, please call us here at PACD 307-332-3114.

* Active WIDs are also required to hold a bond.

Watershed Improvement Districts